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Steven Williams: Trombone

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Member since? 

June 2018

How did you hear about/find us? 

My wife, Carrie, started going about a year before me and she recruited me for the 4th of July concert since we were about 75 trombones short for the song ‘76 Trombones’.


What is your musical background/history? 

Started playing the Trombone in middle school. Continued through High School and two years in college.

What is your favorite “Band Song” to play? 

Playing the bass trombone part at the end of Russian Christmas Music.

What do you do when you are not playing music? (work/hobbies/for fun???)

I’m a software developer by day. For hobbies, I like to read and play games and go to the movies with my kids.


What type of animal/breed of dog/cat/bird/fish/other etc…. best reflects your personality and why? 

Capybara. I can look intimidating to people that don’t know me. But I’m actually really sweet once you get to know me.

What is your superpower? 

I can talk to computers.

Tell us something fun! You know, like "That one time at band camp..." Or elsewhere. (funny anecdote/story/amazing coincidence/hidden talent/celebrity encounter, etc...)? 

When I was dating my (now) wife, we knew things were serious when we decided to combine our lego collections. We both had big plastic bins of legos and we would spend our free time in college playing with Legos and watching Cartoon Cartoon Friday on Cartoon Network.

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