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Lyndsy, Clarinet

Why We're Great >

“Last time I played with a group was 17 years ago in college at UAB. I was nervous about playing with a group, but in a very short time, I was good. We have a lot of fun at practice, plenty of laughs. I missed the camaraderie of band and I have definitely found it with these guys.”

Leanne, Conductor

Why We're Great >

It’s been an encouraging environment to build my rusty skills back up. There’s a unique sort of kinship between “band geek” amateur musicians, a sort of “code” that everyone speaks — reliving our glory days of marching band, sharing awesome music videos and jokes on our Facebook page. We’ve become like a growing family, providing both a fun diversion and emotional support system. Simply put, my life is better with music and the Crestwood Community Band in it.”

Janet, Trombone

Why We're Great >

“I joined the Crestwood Community Band about a year ago and since then I look forward to Monday nights. We have a lot of fun and work really hard to entertain audiences of all ages. I’ve played in many bands in my life and this one ranks up there with the best.”