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Joyce Driggars- Flute

Member since? 

Jan. ‘15 - Founding Member

What is your musical background/history? 

I was raised in a very musical family.  Everyone played at least one or two instruments.  Piano lessons at age 6, beginner band in 3rd grade.  I continued to play through college in The Sound of the South at Troy.  I play special music at my church pretty often.



What is your favorite “Band Song” to play? 

I really don’t have one favorite.  When I was in high school (early 70s) there were several TV shows that had great theme songs like Dallas and Hogan’s Heroes.  There were marching band arrangements available!  They were so much fun to play. 



What do you do when you are not playing music? (work/hobbies/for fun???)

  • After several years of teaching early elementary and pre school and several years as a fitness instructor, I am now a stay at home wife and grandmother.

  • I stay pretty busy doing volunteer work for Meals on Wheels and for my church.  I’m the Shut in Ministry Coordinator, on worship committee and the church council, and pretty much do what ever is needed.



What type of animal/breed of dog/cat/bird/fish/other etc…. best reflects your personality and why? 

I’m just a good ol’ mutt at heart.  Easy to please.



Tell us something fun!  You know, like “That one time at band camp…” Or elsewhere.  (funny anecdote/story/amazing coincidence/hidden talent/celebrity encounter, etc…) 

There are too many incriminating stories to tell, but this one time the Sound of the South band had been marching in a Thanksgiving Day parade in Athens, GA.  The weather was lousy and the trip was a total bore. Our box lunch that we got passed around to us consisted of cold hamburgers and warm Coke. Suddenly, this guy appears up in the front of our bus and announces that he is Jimmy Carter and would appreciate our vote for president.  I got in so much trouble for saying way too loudly, “Look!  It’s the Thanksgiving turkey!”

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