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Janet Taylor - Trombone

Member since? 

September 2016

How did you hear about/find us? 

Ramond Hall (trombone player) invited me.

What is your musical background/history? 

  • At the age of six, my parents had me take piano lessons. This was not a fun time for me as I had seven different teachers in eight years. As it turned out, each of my teachers were in the military and just when I would get comfortable with them, they would move. I know some of you think this is a likely story but it's the truth and I'm sticking by it! :) At one point, one of my new teachers had me play in a recital. This made me so nervous that before I went out to play, I threw up. After playing... well, I did it again. It was at this point my mom said she would never make me play in another recital. Boy was I glad of that!

  • When I was in the 8th grade I started playing trombone. The reason I chose trombone was there were only guys playing trombone and I thought one of them was really cute. That's why I chose trombone. In my 9th grade year, my band director told me I was going to try out for all-state, so I did. At that point, I didn't even know all the notes on the trombone much less how to play them. During the sight-reading portion of the tryout the band director told me that I had one minute to look over the music, then I should play the music. When I turned the music over I couldn't read all the notes because it was so high... much less play them. When it came time to play the music, I just sat there. The gentleman asked me what was wrong. This is when I began to tear up and tell him in a shivering voice that I couldn't read all the notes. He asked me to play what I could and I did. At that point this kindhearted man took the time, with about 20 guys lined up outside the door waiting, to teach me a trombone lesson. I had never had an independent lesson before! He said I had one of the most beautiful tones he had heard in a long time. This encouraged me! It was at this point I knew this is what I wanted to play and become the best I could be. My 10th grade year I made white band, 11th and 12th grade years I made red band, the highest. Sight reading became my favorite thing to do! This is all thanks to a man I didn't know taking the time to help me at a time that was crucial to me continuing to play the trombone.

  • I went on to go to the University of Alabama and marched in the Million Dollar Band where I played first part every year I marched and also played in the symphonic band, basketball pep band, and the jazz band. Since then I have continued to play whenever asked, in whatever band/orchestra to which I was invited. God has blessed me greatly with musical ability and I plan to keep playing until I get to play in heaven!



What is your favorite “Band Song” to play? 

If I have to choose a favorite... I would say Jump, Jive an Wail. All the songs that challenge me are my favorites.



What do you do when you are not playing music? (work/hobbies/for fun???)

  • I'm an Instructional Technology Specialist that works with K-12 teachers to help them integrate technology into their lessons and classrooms. This is my job but since I love it, I actually get paid to have fun.

  • Recently I purchased a motor home and I really enjoy camping in style! This is the way to camp after age 50! Sitting out by a campfire, playing cornhole, and cooking on the grill is awesome. The only thing that's better is having my three god daughters with me. They are 13, 12, and almost 7. These children are the apple of my eye and I couldn't love them any more if I had given birth to them. God has blessed me richly and I am so thankful for the life He has given me. There is no way I deserve the life that I have... I know that God is the reason and I give Him all the glory for the musical talent that I posses. 



What type of animal/breed of dog/cat/bird/fish/other etc…. best reflects your personality and why? 

Well... according to an online quiz I took to find out... a poodle! Who knew!? Here's what it said: A Poodle best describes you! You love being the center of attention and you ARE love by everyone, you concentrate hard on what you do and what your ambitions are. You are great to be around and love to cuddle. Yep... that pretty much sums me up!



Tell us something fun!  You know, like “That one time at band camp…” Or elsewhere.  (funny anecdote/story/amazing coincidence/hidden talent/celebrity encounter, etc…) 

  • Being in the Million Dollar Band was one of the highlights of my life. My first 3 years to march were Bear Bryant's last 3 years. During the Liberty Bowl, Bear Bryant's last game, the "powers that be" decided that during the half-time show they would turn off the lights, have everyone get in formation around Charlie Rich, the pianist, and then turn the lights back on and we would be in this awesome formation with him in the center playing a white grand piano. By the way, this was the coldest I have ever been in my life! The ground was frozen and crunched under our feet. We had to take the blankets and covers from to the hotel to the stadium to try and stay warm. 

  • Wait... what was I talking about!: Oh! yeah... the lights going out! When that happened, we couldn't see our own hands in our faces much less find a spot on the field! Everyone was calling out each others' names and trying to find the person we were supposed to be beside... it was a nightmare! Who knew it was going to be so black?! (Of course, when we practiced it, we were practicing during the daylight. Duh!?)When the lights finally came back on, we were running all over the place trying to find our places! We were laughing so hard that there was no way we could play worth anything. Note to halftime writers of bowl games... if you are going to turn out the lights at a night game, don't include the marching bands in a formation... just let the special guest do it all!

  • One other thing... the year we played Texas in the Cotton Bowl and lost, I walked out of the Cotton Bowl with Bear Bryant right beside me. It was awesome!

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